Program Aims

Our Mission

The Batemans Bay Employers of Christian Education Teachers (known as BBECET) has been operating the Special Religious Education (SRE) program in the Batemans Bay High School for more than a decade. It is also responsible for SRE teaching in our local primary schools of Bay Primary, Sunshine Bay Primary and Mogo Primary.

The program was an initiative of the Combined Churches of Batemans Bay in 2002 when a “seed” fund was provided by church members to employ professionally trained teachers to implement the provisions of the NSW Education Act which allows for one period of SRE for each student each week in the school program.

The program has a budget which is raised without any Government funding, from contributions provided by local Churches, individual donors, fund raising events and business supporters. In addition, the BBECET Board promotes a “Support a Student” Program which allows supporters to donate just $165 pa. to meet the costs of providing the program for a student for a full school year. Multiple sponsorships are encouraged and all donations of $2 or greater are tax deductible.

We are also partners with Generate who provide support in fund raising, resources and SRE teachers when required.

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