What is Christian SRE?

A long history of teaching kids about faith

For over 140 years churches have had the opportunity to go into schools and tell children about faith. It has been and continues to be a wonderful strength of public education in NSW.

In 1980 many different churches (denominations) came together and engaged with the Government regarding Special Religious Education (SRE). The result was a securing of many of the provisions churches were given.

In 2016, changes were made by the government to the rules for the provision of SRE. The major change was an opt in approach to student participation in SRE which means that parents and students must indicate officially that they want to be involved in Christian education in the school.

Christian SRE – adding value to school communities.

Christian SRE adds value to NSW public education primary and high school communities students and teachers in several ways. These include:-

  • It teaches students about the Bible and nurtures their spiritual framework. The majority of Australians, including children have a sense of God, even if they do not attend church. This is the way humans are created. Christian SRE provides a very valuable opportunity for children to explore their natural spiritual curiosity by looking into God’s word.
  • It offers students the opportunity to question and learn from the lessons it contains. The Bible clearly helps makes sense of the world. As such, Christian SRE can be valuable in the process of shaping a child’s framework. The Christian faith teaches that people have the capacity to choose wisely or foolishly and need a moral framework to guide wise decisions in every area of their life.
  • It facilitates a pathway for the spiritual care of students. Schools work hard to support students in times of difficulty or through challenging personal situations. Christian SRE can add another dimension by assuring the child of God’s love and faithfulness. In Christian SRE children will develop a relationship with their teacher/s that can provide encouragement and pastoral care.
  • It contributes another perspective to other classroom subjects e.g. HSIE. Who is God? How was the world created? These and many other questions are answered from the biblical perspective and provide a balance into other humanist theories. Early Christian SRE education will assist young children in particular, to further question populist theories and seek to know the truth.

Adapted from SRE Website – for information of supporters of SRE.