BBECET Prayer Meeting

The latest prayer meeting was held on 9th March 2020. It was a time to express our praise to God for what is happening in our local schools as well as the activities of Scripture Union. The prayer meeting is held every month on the second Monday at 5 pm in the Presbyterian Church. Everyone is welcome.

Meeting with Cheryl Hallinan from Generate

Cheryl is second from the left

Our partner in SRE is Generate and our representative with them is Cheryl Hallinan. Cheryl was able to give us her insights and knowledge about Chaplaincy in schools, SRE in NSW and our area as well as our seamless transfer to a subcomittee of Generate. We appreciated her time as she moves around a large part of NSW to encourage, inform and assist with schools, boards and our work as BBECET.

SRE Training and Preparation for 2020

Getting some of the troops ready to go

A preparation day for our work in primary schools led by Cassia. This year we continue to offer SRE in Bay Primary, Sunshine Bay Public and the small primary school at Mogo. Please pray for all the volunteers as they talk about Jesus with the children in 2020.

BBECET Prayer Feb 2020

• Give thanks for the life and ministry of Ps Steven Jameson the 1st chair of the BBECET board
• Pray for School Principals and Staff as they support students, families and staff impacted by the bush fires.
• Pray for Mick May and Mim as they resume the Friday Lunch group at Bay High and that appropriate classroom space will be available.
• Pray for SRE teachers in our primary schools as they prepare for this year’s classes and that students will have open ears and hearts for the gospel. Pray at least two additional volunteers will step up to train as SRE teachers and assistants this year.
• Give thanks for the short but fruitful Scripture Union Beach missions this summer and that all involved were able to evacuate safely.
• Pray for Youth groups as they resume at our churches.


The next prayer meeting for BBECET will be held on 10th February at 5pm at the Presbyterian Church Batemans Bay

Following the prayer meeting, the first meeeting of the BBECET board in 2020 will be held at 6 pm. Discussion will involve a number of key issues

. Integrating more closely with our partner Generate

. SRE decisions about our involvement with the high school

. Fund raising activities, including a barbecue at Bunnings


Ashleigh Pugh has been teaching SRE in Batemans Bay High School for the last two and a half years. Before that, he was teaching SRE in Sunshine Bay Public School from 2013. He has really enjoyed the experience of working with children and young people in our area.

Ashleigh is going to Brisbane in 2020 to study a Diploma of Ministry at Christian Heritage College. His plan is to come back to the Bay so he can put his training to good use. We are sad to see Ash has to leave but are excited about the opportunity for him to do further study. We pray for God’s blessing on him during 2020.

BBECET Annual General Meeting

The AGM of BBECET will be held on Monday 9th December 2019. The meeting will be starting at 6 pm at the Presbyterian Church.

The address is 16 Melaleuca Cres, Batemans Bay

Christmas SRE Special

We had Dan Warlow at our 3 primary schools last week. They were really great shows, much loved by the kids and teachers. Dan presented a great message of ‘God’s big love’. He included a puppet named Jedd, lots of original songs and a fun celebration feel.

There are some photos to view on the combined Churches Facebook page

SRE Presentation with Dan Warlow in Primary Schools

Dan will be presenting a Christmas special to our primary students at Bay Primary, Mogo and Sunshine Bay in November. Dan Warlow is an Australian Christian Kids’ Music artist and entertainer. We look forward to reporting on the response to his time with our kids.